2019-2020 CGA D27 Year End Award Program

2019-2020 CGA D27 Year End Award Sign Up Form

Rules for CGA D27 Year End Award Qualifications:
$25 Fee to Participate

***Your Rides/Points will not count until you Sign Up for Year End Awards.  Points will not be Retroactive.
***ALL your rides from date of sign up will count.

This is a complete volunteer event. A requirement effective starting at the December 2015 show to qualify for the CGA D27 YEA Program you must help work a minimum of half an event at every show to have that days points count. Be sure to put your name clearly printed on your worker coupon.  

You must ride the same horse in a minimum of 5 shows with a minimum of 5 events at each show.

You may change horses if there is a need during the season, but you must have 5 shows with a minimum of 5 events at each show on the new horse to qualify. Shows, rides and points from the first horse are not counted for qualifications and standings.

Year End Award Placings:  If a rider has points in multiple divisions throughout the year the rider must get at least one point at 5 shows in a division to qualify for an award in that division. If you do not have at least one point in a single division from 5 shows you will receive an award for the division in which you have the most points.

Example: A rider signs up in FC being a new rider or horse. They ride their first show with FC times. At the next show they get a mix of FC and A times. The rest of the season they get all A division points. That rider may have a better placing at year end in the FC division with their FC placings in the 2 shows, but they will get a Year End Award in the A Division as they earned points in more than 5 shows in the A division.

Example: You ride split across 2 divisions but do not get points in 5 shows in either division. You get placing points at 4 shows in FC and 4 shows in A. You will get an award in the division that you have the most points.

There will be an awards banquet at the end of the season to receive the year end awards.  Food tickets for the banquet will require pre-payment and is a separate per person fee.

Signed up Participants are below

# Riders Name   Mounts Name Date signed up

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